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Highly trained and experienced team ready to help you 

Our team combines decades of experience in the design and build of electrical solutions

Electricity is the fuel of modern business. It powers our tools and runs our offices. When it works we don't notice it. When it fails things get difficult quickly.


ENZEC’s role is to make sure that you don't notice your electrical infrastructure, it’ll just work. Robust, reliable, and safe.


We’ll work with your engineers to assess your sites, understand what you plan on using them for and design the right sized, future proofed solution for you.

Our broad experience in environments including New Zealand’s largest data centres, retail, education and offices means we have a strong understanding of whats possible and what can work for your site.


For solutions such as generators and UPS requiring regular maintenance, our nationwide team have got you covered.

Getting electricity to work for you



Mains, sub mains, power distribution, LED lighting, green energy solutions, general power, and emergency power systems including UPS and back up generators.


In today’s world, electrical, data and security are able to integrate as never before. Our expertise in each stream ensures a successful integration system to enable your business.

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